YANFAN is a brand built by TRAN PHAT CO.,LTD to develop the electric fan product line - the company's main product. YANFAN electric fan is a high-end electric fan line present in the market in the country. This brand of electric fan has been voted favorably by consumers as High-Quality Vietnamese Goods since 2010 and has maintained its performance for many years. YANFAN is made from high quality raw materials. YANFAN's electric fan production process is always strictly controlled according to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system. The design of  the YANFAN electric fan is very clever and safe. The fan motor is equipped with an explosion-proof fuse, so the fan can automatically disconnect power when something goes wrong. The fan cage is also firmly built. The openings of the fan cage are narrow to ensure the safety of users, especially in homes with children. YANFAN electric fans are diverse in models, types and colors. This brand gives consumers more choices that you can choose a wall fan if the area is small, choose a box fan if you like compactness, convenience, ect. The fan's rotation speed can be up to 1200 rpm, helping to cool quickly. The mechanical push button to adjust the fan is a clever choice in the new trend. YANFAN electric fan is certified by QCVN 4: 2009 / BKHCN and saves energy according to TCVN 7826: 2015 and TCVN 7827:2015 standards. In addition, the product is warranted for up to 3 years to help consumers use it with peace of mind.