AKiFan Desk Fan

AKiFan Desk Fan is one of the valuable prestigious brands of TRAN PHAT COMPANY, voted for Vietnamese High-Quality Products by consumers for many years. With an elegant design, there are many different colors to choose from for your favorite color. In addition, with beautiful shapes, the product also becomes an indispensable decoration item to increase the aesthetics of your room. The height is very suitable for sitting posture when placed on the table or on the floor. The compact product does not take much space, but the capacity is still strong enough to make you feel comfortable. There are many colors that people can choose from to suit the location to use. You can move to many different positions comfortably. It is more convenient with easy disassembly and cleaning, not much effort. AKiFan Desk Fan products are warranted for up to 2 years to help consumers use peace of mind.