AKiFan Fan is the brand of an electric fan of Tran Phat company. But it is different from YANFAN, AKiFan aims at the affordable segment to meet all customers' needs. The customers that AKiFan electric fans are targeting are usually students, workers, unskilled workers who always want to get good products at low prices. Therefore this product benefits receive a perfect annual consumption. AKiFan is guaranteed to be implemented strictly in all production stages. The materials for this fan are all of good and high quality. The production process is controlled according to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system, like the YANFAN electric fan production process. AKiFan electric fans also received QCVN 4: 2009 / BKHCN conformity certification and energy-saving certificate according to TCVN 7826: 2015 and TCVN 7827: 2015 standards. Although the price is in the middle segment, AKiFan fan also has some outstanding advantages. The first is the affordable price that is suitable for students or affordable families. Products are also designed and produced in many different models, creating a diversity of types. Low prices, but TRAN PHAT CO.,LTD still has a product warranty for up to 2 years.