YANFAN Ventilation Fan

YANFAN VENTILATING FAN is a compact, quiet operation with one-way suction power to clean the air effectively. Our product specialized in installation for high-rise buildings, offices using plastic, or plaster ceilings. When you live or work in an environment that requires a stable source of clean air to ensure health and maintain a healthy life. Large rooms need to use ceiling-mounted fans with adequate airflow. Make a point the living room, kitchen, restroom in your home, hotel, or office has enough clean air with YANFAN VENTILATING FAN . The outstanding advantage of YANFAN VENTILATING FAN is a strong wind flow that can quickly absorb or blow away odors, moisture, or hot air in a room of 23m2. You will not have to wait as long as you use it. The capacity of a 28W exhaust fan works quietly and persistently without causing a lot of noise, powerful and still saving power consumption. The motor is manufactured from pure copper to prevent the fan from getting hot during use and prolong the service life. In addition, the engine is also equipped with a flame-retardant fuse that is safe to use. The white color of products can be combined with all different colors to create distinct feelings or a feeling of freshness and cleanness. Product YANFAN VENTILATING FAN is warranted for up to 2 years to help consumers use peace of mind.