Product code: HT250

Salient Features

 Power   : 30W
 Voltage       : 220V- 50Hz
 Product size: 30.5cm × 30.5cm × 15cm
 Wing diameter  : 25cm
Function: 1-way suction (ceiling suction)
 Engine Warranty : 24 months
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– Model: HT250

– Product line: Exhaust Fan

– Power: 30W

– Voltage: 220V-50Hz

– Wing diameter: 25cm

– Product size: 30.5cm × 30.5cm × 15cm

– Function: 1-way suction (ceiling suction)

– Color: White

– Propeller: 6 leaves

– Packing: 1 fan / carton box

– Engine Warranty: 24 months



– Strong wind flow can quickly absorb odors, moisture, or hot air in a room of 23m2 wide. You will not have to wait as long as you use it.

– 30W exhaust fan capacity works smoothly and persistently without causing a lot of noise, powerful, but still save power consumption.

– The motor is manufactured from pure copper to help the fan in the process of use not get hot and prolong the service life. In addition, the engine is also equipped with a flame-retardant fuse that is safe to use.

– The 6-blade propeller with a 25cm long wingspan will quickly circulate the air, filter bacteria, smell in your room, providing a sense of comfort and convenience.

– The white color of the product blends with the white of the ceiling to bring a fresh and clean feeling.

VENTILATION FAN YANFAN HT250 has a weight of less than 1.9kg, so it does not require a ceiling to be supported too firmly. For installation, just screw in the 4 corners of the fan.



– Whether the living or working environment needs a stable source of clean air to ensure the health and maintain a healthy life. Large rooms need to use ceiling-mounted fans with adequate airflow. Make sure the living room, kitchen, bathroom in your home, hotel, or office has adequate clean air with a YANFAN ceiling fan.

– Compact design, quiet operation with one-way suction power to clean the air effectively, products specialized in installation for high-rise buildings, offices using plastic ceilings or plaster ceilings.