ORBITAL FAN YANFAN is one of the fan lines favored by consumers on the market today. With a neat, luxurious design installed on the ceiling along with the 360-degree reversal function, the wind source can spread to every corner of the house, saving space.   ORBITAL FAN YANFAN is a valuable prestigious brand in Vietnam, has high quality for many consecutive years, YanFan products always bring good quality and save energy.   The fan has a wide diverter with the reversing function to create a large 360-degree rotation angle to help the breeze evenly spread throughout the space used. The compact product mounted on the ceiling does not take up space, but 65W of power can help you to cool the room while saving electricity. It is more convenient with easy disassembly and cleaning, not much effort.   ORBITAL FAN YANFAN products are warranted for up to 3 years to help consumers use peace of mind.