TRAN PHAT MOP can be used for floors, glass walls, ceilings, windows, and wall cleaning. This product is convenient for home cleaning, suitable for small houses or rooms, where you want your space to be clean and eye-catching. With outstanding features on this product, it is satisfactory for everyone of all ages, even women or the elderly can use it easily. The trunk is made of sturdy stainless steel and has a good bearing capacity. You can disassemble and adjust the length as you like with the handy plastic buckle. The pull and push are very gentle to clean up your entire bedroom or living room quickly during the cleaning process. The mop is made of Polyester Fiber, which is non-rigid so it does not scratch the wiped surface. With good water permeability to help wipe quickly, clean every corner, even in hard-to-reach places in the house. When the cotton is dry, it uses as a sweeping broom. TRAN PHAT MOP products are warranted for up to 6 months to help consumers feel secure to use.