Product code: TP911

Hand-Rotating 360° Mop Kit  TP911 Included

1 plastic wipe with stainless steel basket
2 stainless steel trunk pieces
1 Solid plastic handle
1 stainless steel cleaning plate with a built-in cotton wipe
1 gift sponge included.
 Warranty: 06 months
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– Model: TP911

– Product line: Mop Kit

– Mop: Plastic

– Wipe basket: Stainless steel basket

– Functions: Washing cotton, Spinning cotton, Covering water

– Convenience: Wheels and handles

– Reed: 360 ° ø25 in stainless steel

– Cleaning disc: Stainless steel

– Cotton mop: Polyester yarn

– Color: Blue, Purple

– Packing: 1 set / carton box

– Warranty: 6 months




– The sturdy plastic mop has good impact resistance, long-term durability over time.

– The cleaning bin combines two washing and spinning functions for more convenient cleaning.

– The box has four wheels on the bottom with the handle to facilitate movement while using.

– The water stop design is located at the position of the spinning basket to prevent water from being splashed out during spinning.

– The trunk is made of sturdy stainless steel and has a good bearing capacity. You can disassemble and adjust the length as you like with the handy plastic buckle. With the 360 ​​° rotating cleaning disc, tight spots that are difficult to clean are no longer a problem.

– During the very gentle pull and push action, as well as washing and drying cotton wipes, a bucket of water is enough to cover your entire bedroom or living room.

– The mop is made of Polyester Fiber, with no sclerosis, so it will not scratch the surface. With good water permeability to help wipe quickly, clean every corner, even in hard-to-reach places in the house.

– When the cotton is dry, it uses as a sweeping broom.




Hand-Rotating 360° Mop Kit  TP911 can be used for floors, glass walls, ceilings, windows, wall cleaning,…

– This product is convenient for home cleaning along with a colorful design that helps consumers clean quickly and is suitable for lovely houses or rooms where you want your space to be clean and stunning.

– With outstanding features on this product, it is suitable for everyone of all ages, whether women or the elderly can use it easily.