Product code: HL250

Salient Features

 Power   : 30W
 Voltage       : 220V- 50Hz
 Product size: 28.5cm × 28.5cm × 8.5cm
 Wing diameter  : 25cm
Function: Suction - Blow 2 way
 Engine warranty : 24 months
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– Model: HL250

– Product line: Exhaust Fan

– Power: 30W

– Voltage: 220V-50Hz.

– Wing diameter: 25cm

– Product size: 28.5cm × 28.5cm × 8.5cm

– Function: Suction – Blow 2 way

– Color: White

– Propeller: 6 leaves

– Packing: 1 fan / carton box

– Engine warranty: 24 months



YANFAN VENTILATION FAN HL250 strong wind flow can quickly absorb or blow away odors, moisture, or hot air in a 30m2 large room. You will not have to wait as long as when using.

– 30W exhaust fan capacity works smoothly and persistently without causing a lot of noise, powerful, but still save power consumption.

– The motor is manufactured from pure copper to help the fan pending using not get hot and prolong the service life. In addition, the engine is also equipped with a fuse to protect against fire, safe to use.

– The 6-leaf propeller with a 25 cm long wingspan will quickly circulate the air, filter bacteria, the smell in your room, bring a feeling of comfort and convenience.

– White color of products can be combined with all different colors to create distinct feelings or a fresh and clean feeling.

– Easy to use with only one pull cord: pull the string for the first time to suck in, the second time to blow out, and the third time to turn it off.


VENTILATION FAN is the most popular ventilation device in homes in Vietnam. When operating, the fan will circulate the air inside and outside the house, helping to release stagnant air, mold, steam, and indoor heat out and bring fresh air from the outside to inside the home. Naturally, wall exhaust fans are used in places where air cannot circulate by itself, suitable for all spaces such as kitchens, toilets, restaurants, etc.