Product code: DR1608

Salient features

 Power   : 60W
 Voltage       : 220V- 50Hz
 Height    : 102cm - 124cm
 Wing diameter  : 40cm
 3 wind speeds, mechanical navigation
 Engine warranty : 24 months
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– Model: DR1608

– Product line: Standing Fan

– Power: 60W

– Voltage: 220V-50Hz

– Wing diameter: 40cm

– Height: 102cm – 124cm

– Functions: 3 Wind modes, electric motor navigation, remote control, wind control (natural wind), timer up to 7.5 hours

– Color: Light Blue, Turquoise, Grey

– Fan cage: 120 spokes, 2 middle rings, powder coating

– Propeller: 3 clear purple elephant ears

– Packing: 1 fan / carton box

– Engine Warranty: 24 months




– Two wind modes suitable for many different cooling needs:

+ Normal wind mode: The fan will blow out the wind at a steady speed, not rotating in the rhythm of powerful, weak time.

+ Natural wind mode: The wind blowing from the propeller will alternate in rhythm, when strong and weak, bringing a cool breeze in the most comfortable way.

– Remote control remote: DR1608 vertical fan has a remote intelligent remote control to turn off the fan and adjust the wind speed as desired. You can completely sit on the sofa while watching TV while controlling the fan as you like, without having to move back and forth.

Remote fan remote control:

  1. OFF: Power off
  2. ON / SP: Open / Select the wind speed

Low: Slow Speed

Med: Average Speed

High: Fast Speed

  1. TIME: Fan timer: 0.5h, 1.5h, 3.5h, 7.5h.
  2. MODE: adjust the wind type: Normal, Sleep – Calm, Rhythm – Natural
  3. OSCIL: Turn on / off the wind direction (rotation)

– The engine works stubbornly, does not get hot when operating for a long time. In addition, the motor is also equipped with a fuse to protect against fire, safe to use.

– The fan has a beautiful design suitable for today’s modern space and interiors.

– The 120-spoke fan cage is powdered with a solid design so that the gaps of the fan spokes are small to ensure the highest safety for the user.

– 3-leaf elephant ear propeller with a wingspan of 40 cm long creates a broad breeze, effectively cooling.

– The height can be flexibly changed from 102cm to 124cm with the knob on the fan body.

– The fan base is large, firm, does not shake when in operation. Easy to move with a sturdy, durable plastic case.

– It is more convenient with easy disassembly and cleaning, not much effort.



Stand Fan AKiFan DR1608 has a remote control with a luxurious design, space-saving, and many convenient features such as remote control, timer, a sleep mode that will help your life be comfortable and pleasant.

– DR1608 remote control standing fan has an elegant design, suitable for home, office space,…