Product code: TC408

Salient Features

 Power   : 47W
 Voltage     : 220V- 50Hz
 Model        : TC408
 Wing diameter  : 40cm
 3 wind speeds, mechanical navigation
 Engine Warranty: 24months
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  •  Model: TC408
  •  Product line: Hanging Fan
  •  Power: 47W
  •  Voltage: 220V- 50Hz
  •  Wing diameter: 40cm
  •  Function: 3 wind speeds, electromechanical redirection
  •  Color: Dark blue, navy blue, light orange, white gray
  •  Fan cage: 120 spokes, 2 middle rings, powder coating
  •  Propeller: 7 colored leaves according to the fan body
  •  Packing: 2 fans / carton box
  •  Engine Warranty: 36 months



  • With the knob on the fan body for 3-speed adjustment from high to low, it will be cool your room faster.
  • The fan is provided with easy-to-use controlling to pull cords with wire is used to change the fan speed without turning the knob and the other wire to adjust the direction of the fan’s wind.
  • The motor is manufactured from pure copper to help the fan pending using not get hot and prolong the service life. In addition, the engine is also equipped with a fuse to protect against fire, safe to use.
  • The 120 spokes fan cage is powder coated with a sturdy design, the openings of the fan spokes are small to ensure the highest safety for the user.
  • 7-blade fan with a 40 cm long wingspan creates a broad breeze, effectively cooling. At the same time, the blade’s color is the same as the fan body, enhancing the product’s beauty.
  • Compact product wall mounted does not take up space, but the capacity is still strong enough to make you feel comfortable.
  • Many colors can be selected by everyone to suit the position to use.
  • It is more convenient with easy disassembly and cleaning, not much effort.



  • Every family must have equipped themselves with a fan to dispel the uncomfortable and hot air. Therefore, the YANFAN wall fan is a good suggestion for you when choosing an electric fan.
  • YANFAN 2-Wire Wall Fan TC408 with a compact, lightweight, space-saving design, high-quality plastic material, less dust, able to radiate cooling for a medium and large space such as living room, classroom…