Product code: B411

Salient features

Capacity   : 47W
Voltage     : 220V- 50Hz
Height      : 64cm
Wing diameter  : 40cm
3 wind speeds, mechanical navigation
Engine Warranty : 36 months
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  •  Model: B411
  •  Product line: Table fan
  • Power: 47W
  •  Voltage: 220V- 50Hz
  • Wing diameter: 40c
  •  Height: 64cm
  • Function: 3 wind speeds, mechanical navigation
  • Color: Green, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Black – Green
  •  Fan cage: 120 spokes, 2 middle rings, powder coating
  • Propeller: 7 colored leaves according to the fan body
  • Packing: 2 fans / carton
  • Engine Warranty: 36 months


  • Yanfan Desk Fan B411 is equipped with 3 wind speeds: strong, medium and allows you to easily adjust the wind power according to your requirements.
  • The motor is manufactured from pure copper to help the fan in the process of use not get hot and prolong the service life. In addition, the engine is also equipped with a fire protection fuse that is safe to use.
  • The 120-spoke fan cage is powdered with a solid design, the gaps of the fan spokes are small to ensure the highest safety for the user.
    – 7-blade fan blade with a 40 cm long wingspan creates a wide breeze, effectively cooling. At the same time, the color of the blade of the fan is the same color as the fan body, enhancing the product’s beauty.
  • Compact product does not take much space, but the capacity is still strong enough to make you feel comfortable.
  •  Many colors can be selected by everyone to suit the position to use.
  •  Can move to many different positions easily.
  • It is more convenient with easy disassembly and cleaning, not much effort.


  • Desk Fan Yanfan B411 height is very suitable for sitting position when placed on a table or under the floor.
  • With elegant design, there are many different colors can let you choose the color that you love. In addition, with beautiful shapes, the product also becomes an indispensable decoration item to increase the aesthetics of your room.
  •  YanFan fan is the leading prestigious brand in Vietnam, has had high quality for many consecutive years, YanFan products always bring good quality and save energy.