Product code: BD268

Salient Features

 Power   : 28W
 Voltage       : 220V- 50Hz
 Height    : 31cm
 Wing diameter  : 20cm
 2 wind speeds
 Engine Warranty : 24 months
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  •  Model: BD268
  •  Product line: Fan Box
  •  Power: 28W
  •  Voltage: 220V-50Hz
  •  Wing diameter: 20cm
  •  Height: 31cm
  •  Function: 2 wind speeds
  •  Color: Green, Blue, Ivory
  •  Mesh fan: 88 spokes
  •  Propeller: 5 leaves
  •  Packing: 1 fan / carton box
  •  Engine Warranty: 24 months
  • FAN SIZE: HEIGHT: 31cm x WIDE: 27cm x THICKNESS: 12cm



  •  Simple, compact square fan design for narrow spaces, maximizing space saving
  •  Create a fast and fresh wind
  • YANFAN SQUARE BOX FAN BD268 is installed with two wind speeds so that you can adjust the fan as fast and light as you like.
  •  Fast cool, save electricity
  • 20cm wingspan, 5-blade propeller design with 28W power matching the blade diameter, for the fan to generate fast wind in a short time, helping to save maximum electricity.
  • The handle is sturdy, easy to move
  • The design with a sturdy handle attached to the fan, which not only makes it easy to move but also helps the fan shape more cute and modern.
  • Non-slip base
  • It was designed with 02 non-slip feet to help you place the fan easily anywhere while maintaining balance without precariousness.



  •  With a small, compact size, fans can be set up in narrow spaces such as inns, single beds, or right at the study desk without taking up much of your area, contributing to beautifying the space fan works.
  • YANFAN SQUARE BOX FAN BD268 can be moved anywhere, even on the head of your bed.
  •  The fan has a beautiful design suitable for today’s modern space and interiors.