YanFan Desk Fan B203

Product code: B203

Salient features

Capacity   : 28W
Voltage       : 220V- 50Hz
Height    : 43cm
Wing diameter  : 20cm
2 wind speeds, mechanical navigation
Engine Warranty: 24 months
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– Model: B203

– Product line: Table fan

– Power: 28W

– Voltage: 220V- 50Hz

– Wing diameter: 20cm

– Height: 43cm

– Function: 2 wind speeds, mechanical navigation

– Color: Green, Light Blue, Purple

– Fan cage: 60 spokes, 1 middle ring, powder coating

– Propeller: 3 colored elephant ears according to the fan body

– Packing: 1 fan / carton box

– Engine Warranty: 24 months



– 2 wind speeds are suitable for a mini fan.

– Compact product does not take much space, but the capacity is still strong enough to make you feel comfortable.

– Many colors can be selected by everyone to suit the position to use.

– Can move to many different positions without much effort.



– The YANFAN mini table fan B203 is suitable for working corners, study corners, bedrooms, with not too high airflow that will make you feel comfortable.

– Young babies, small children are also very suitable for this product without fear of cold.

– YANFAN Mini table fan B203 has the colors: Light Blue, Green, Purple, you can freely choose to embellish the corner of the desk, study corner, or bedroom.

– 2 wind levels, consumers can change the wind speed according to their preferences and use it more easily.