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TRAN PHAT PRODUCTION TRADING SERVICE ONE MEMBER COMPANY LIMITED sincerely thanks customers for their support of Tran Phat mop products. To meet the different needs of customers about colors, designs.

On April 22, 2024 Our company launched New Products specifically as follows:

Tran Phat TP666 Mop- cleans the smallest corners

Tran Phat TP666 mop is a quality and convenient product designed to help you easily clean the smallest corners of your house. With smart design and high-durability materials, the TP666 mop not only helps you save time and effort when cleaning the house but also provides optimal cleaning efficiency.

Product informations

  • Model: TP666
  • Stainless steel material 201
  • The 32 handle is sturdy
  • The locking handle is easy to use
  • Improved inner lining helps wash rags gently
  • Fix the tree and disc with a sturdy screw tooth design
  • Stainless steel cleaning plate and luxurious stainless steel cover
  • Height up to 135 cm
  • Colorful: Orange – Blue- Green – Purple

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TP666 mop