Tran Phat Company [SALE !!!] YANFAN Desk Fan – AKiFan Fan

Because of the epidemic situation, companies are having to produce on demand “3 on-site” and many isolation areas, so the demand for buying desk fan in Ho Chi Minh City is increasing. That’s why the table fan of Tran Phat company sells very well. In order to best support people during the epidemic season, Tran Phat company is having promotions and DISCOUNTS for all desktop fan products. In the article below, we will share with you the most popular desktop fans when coming to Tran Phat.
Tran Phat Company [SALE !!!] YANFAN Desk Fan - AKiFan Fan

YANFAN Desk Fan Series

YANFAN Desk Fan is one of the most popular genuine product lines at Tran Phat Company. Not only that, this product is also voted by consumers as High Quality Vietnamese Goods for many years.

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Quạt bàn YANFAN Model B302
Quạt bàn YANFAN Model B302
It is noteworthy that the YANFAN Desk Fan possesses many outstanding advantages. Most especially, the motor of the product is made of pure copper, so during use, the fan does not get hot and has a long life. Besides, the motor of this product is also equipped with a fuse to protect against explosion, so it is very safe to use.
Moreover, the YANFAN Desk Fan is elegantly designed with outstanding colors, beautiful and diverse designs, so it can be used as a decoration in the house. Although it is a compact fan, its capacity is still strong enough to cool and help you feel relaxed and comfortable.
In addition, you can also move it easily to different locations. Not only that, you can also easily disassemble and clean the fan without much effort.

AKiFan desk fan series

AKiFan desk fan is also a product voted by consumers as High Quality Vietnamese Goods for many years. A special feature is that AKIFan produces table fans with many different designs, models and colors, so you can freely choose the fan you like.
Quạt bàn AKiFan mẫu B102
Quạt bàn AKiFan mẫu B102

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Moreover, the shape of the AKiFan desk fan is also very beautiful, making your room brighter and more prominent. In addition, AKiFan table or floor fan is also designed with a suitable height, so you can customize it to your liking. Notably, the AKiFan desk fan is warranted for up to 2 years, so you can rest assured during use.
Above are the best-selling desk fans at Tran Phat company that we would like to introduce to you. If you want to buy a small, beautiful fan with eye-catching colors, please contact Tran Phat company immediately at the hotline number: 028.5407.7633 – 028.62695792 for a free consultation.



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