The advent of modern cleaning products makes it difficult for consumers to choose. They wonder how to choose the right product. The following section on how to choose the house mouse to be suitable to your needs Tran Phat’s usage needs will help you.

1. how to choose the house mouse to be suitable to your needs – determine your needs

The first way to choose the right mop kit for your needs is to determine your needs first. You need to determine the area of ​​the floor to be cleaned. Besides, you also need to determine what the purpose you use the mop kit for. Used to clean dust, clean damp, or use to clean the floor, disinfect ….
how to choose the house mouse to be suitable to your needs

Need to determine the need to use the cleaning kit for what purpose before choosing to buy
Only when you determine the need to use the mop for what purpose. Then determine the working frequency of the mop. Then compare with the performance of the product and then find the best mop for your needs.

2. Evaluation of the type of mop set

How to choose the right mop kit for your next use is to evaluate the types of mop sets:

2.1. Ordinary house cleaning kit

With a regular mop set, it is necessary to learn about the material used to manufacture the mop set. What is the structure of the product? Whether the design matches your wishes or not.
Today, conventional mop sets are also designed to include a mop and an attached water tank. The selection trend of modern housewives often prefers to choose a 360º rotating mop kit. This mop set has a rotating mop disc that is very convenient. Washing and wringing the mop does not need to be done by hand. The spinning and squeezing set quickly helps to free up labor for housewives.
how to choose the house mouse to be suitable to your needs

The 360º rotating mop set is a very popular product

2.2. Household cleaning kit with special features

Besides, there are also mop sets integrated with special features. For example, a steam mop set, a mop with a misting system, an automatic mop set, etc. But this product often brings a lot of convenience. However, their cost will be higher than conventional mop sets. So you need to consider economic conditions when deciding to buy products.

3. Features to keep in mind when choosing a mop set

How to choose the right mop set for your needs besides evaluating the mop set. You need to pay attention to other features of the product such as:
  • Handle length and type: The length of the handle should ensure comfort for the user. If the length of the handle is too long, it will be very entangled, but if it is too short, it cannot be put into the far corners of the place to be cleaned.
  • Mop head and bristles / mop fiber: The material of the mop should be made from Polyester fiber. This fiber is both soft and durable to protect the floor.
  • Rotation and adjustment feature: It is recommended to choose a mop with a 360-degree rotation function like that for better work performance.
  • The ability to disassemble and replace parts: It is advisable to choose mops that can be easily disassembled. That way you can replace damaged parts instead of buying a whole new one.
how to choose the house mouse to be suitable to your needs

You should choose a mop set with a handle that is the right length for your height

4. Convenience and time saving

Convenience and time saving is also one of the factors you need to keep in mind when choosing a mop set. The products are integrated with many utilities such as: dust filter, vortex system…. These cleaning kits will save you time and effort.

5. Assess the durability and reliability of the mop set

The way to choose the right cleaning kit for smart use is to know how to evaluate the reliability of the product. About this, you need to learn about the brand of the mop set, the supplier. Please consult friends, relatives, reviews of other consumers. Refer to the warranty policy and pre- and after-sales care services of the units.
how to choose the house mouse to be suitable to your needs

Should choose the cleaning kit of reputable manufacturers

6. Budget and value

And the most important thing when deciding whether or not to buy a mop set is your budget. You will decide how much money to spend to buy a cleaning kit. And with that money, what will be the value you get. After making comparisons of the product’s value to you for the same amount of money. You will know how you should choose a mop set.
There are so many mop sets on the market for you to choose from. However, choose a quality product to ensure you get the best benefits. How to choose the right cleaning kit for your needs has been shared by us above. If you still have many problems, please call Hotline: 028.6686.7576 Tran Phat’s customer service department will advise you.



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